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Shootout To A Limo Company For Contribution

With this article, I really want to take the initiative to publicly thank one of our biggest sponsors to date, with our efforts to creating a much safer community locally. As we’ve mentioned before the whole purpose of this site is to get some people to become active in their own circles to start doing some volunteer work in regards to rescue teams. It was also mentioned across this blog, that whoever doesn’t have the time or the energy to go out and do this themselves, they can feel free to send donations which will serve that purpose of people that have all the time and energy in the world, but need the resources to get this volunteer work done.

A very good connection we have had with a US company and the launch of this site, was the reason we got a very handsome disclosed amount from ​Limo Rental Columbia who reached out to us via e-mail and asked us about our needs. As soon as we outlined specifically certain expenses we would have this month, they didn’t hesitate a second into making their financial contribution. When asked what could we do for them in return their response was “just take care of your community and don’t worry about the rest.”

How strong is that? Publicly I want to thank this incredible limousine company that is located out in Columbia, South Carolina. If you guys ever need a luxury ride, you know where to find the most generous company. Thank you so much to you all once again!

This shootout gives me an opportunity to discuss the real needs of our philanthropic institution: within the next couple of months, we will be purchasing some very advanced gear and boat equipment to make sure that we are always getting on time at the place of the incident and are able to carry on with the project with success. So we could really need all the money we could use in this. We are putting up our own money for this as well and have done some fundraising events to raise more. Note that this is tax deductible and especially when you make an overseas donation, that gives you some extra tax credit points (consult your CPA.) So the benefits are multiple, but of course your intentions for this should be purely those of a volunteer that simply doesn’t have the time to go out and do this himself.


What Is Hypothermia

Hypothermia (sometimes called exposure) is the biggest cause of deaths resulting from accidents in the water. Hypothermia occurs when your body temperature drops below 35° C (96°F). Anyone who is exposed to severe cold without enough protection can develop hypothermia. Certain medications, medical conditions or the consumption of alcohol can also make people more susceptible to the cold.

As your body temperature begins to fall, your body responds by shutting down the supply of heat to the less vulnerable body parts, typically your limbs and other extremities, in an attempt to maintain the temperature of your vital organs. As your body temperature continues to fall, these organs fail, resulting in death. Most deaths occur as a result of heart failure when the body’s core temperature falls below 30° C.

The symptoms exhibited by a person suffering from hypothermia may include:

  • slow or irregular speech
  • shallow or very slow breathing
  • fatigue
  • confusion
  • slow pulse
  • weakness or drowsiness
  • shivering
  • cold, pale skin

Unconsciousness in victims usually occurs when the body temperature falls to within the range 30 – 32°C. Death can occur any time after this depending on the conditions and how quickly a victim receives treatment. There have been instances of victims being revived after many hours in an unconscious state.


The Effects Of Volunteer Work

In the first ever published article on this great site, I mentioned briefly the importance of volunteering and how we doing this for our local communities are volunteers ourselves. Many times we think of volunteer work, as a great hassle: something that needs to get done but isn’t really that pleasing. Today I want to come towards you with a completely different approach, and talk about the effects volunteer work have not just for your community but also for your family.

Let me start off by saying, that our lives need to have some purpose in order for us to feel good with ourselves. Many people will decide to join special support groups or help disadvantaged children in Africa to fill that gap of purpose. What we many times forget is our importance of helping our own community first. If you think of all the efforts done in Africa (and are still taking place as we speak) it’s amazing that the problem still hasn’t be solved. If all of those efforts and resources were put into the hands of accountable people to take care of our own people in the US (like the orphanages, or the inner cities) we could of re-built our cities twice. The problem with people is that they feel as if the further away they go, the more their work matters.

But anyway, I won’t get into that debate. We can all agree that our lives need to have meaning in order to have a healthy mindset. So I just wanted to share with you in this short article I’m typing, the benefits on your own health and mental state. Research suggests that out of nature, we are caring and giving human beings. Yes, you will see a lot of injustice in the world, but if you look deep down into a human’s soul you will see a soft person with kindness. When we do good, it is really to feed our inner innocence. When we give, we feel much better about our selves and have a feeling of contribution. Many times people tend to volunteer just for their own mental sake. It shouldn’t be the focus, but hey…if that will help someone in need let it be that.


Dangers In Waters

In the latest article, I briefly mentioned a danger in regards to the existence of Naegleria fowleri in lakes and ponds. Using that as a starting point, I would like to talk a little bit more not only about this but also some other dangers you should be aware of when it comes to lakes.

When it comes to this brain eating bacteria, you need to understand that finally nature is going to have its own saying in what is happening. These living creatures feed from the brains of fish. If you have ever seen fish float in the top of the surface but there doesn’t appear to be some reason of death (like an attack of some sort) rest assured it’s that bacteria. They won’t just eat fish but also smaller sea animals. So basically you are the intruder in their own environment when you decide to risk jumping into that water. Many times, these lakes (around populous areas) will have signs that will warn you of their existence. If you happen to be though somewhere on the country side and you don’t have an idea with the lake/pond and its condition, my suggestion towards you would be that you stay away. Why risk dying for one swim? You don’t risk cheating on your wife because of the possibility to throw you out.


Safety Tips

In the last article, we talked about certain things every person can do in order to maintain safer communities – especially those around waters (such as the sea, lakes and rivers.) Although it is important to make sure we are helping each other out as much as possible, it is equally important to help out ourselves as much as we can. So in other words, there are certain things we can do in order to avoid disaster.

In this article, one of the most common safety tips will be suggested for everyone that enjoys going out for a swim. Some of these you will have heard of elsewhere, but I will try and share with you the most important ones so that you can both keep them in mind, but also share them with family and friends.

  • Don’t Go For A Swim With A Full Belly.

Okay, this is an easy one. Since we were very little, we have been taught to always allow our stomachs to digest all the food we have eaten prior, before we even think of returning to the water. The reason they say this, is basically because when you are trying to swim with a full belly, you will tire much faster. Not only that, but besides going straight to the bottom of the sea, many times you may throw up in the water. So that will create a very big problem for you, and you are putting yourself in danger of drowning. So when you decide to have a nice ham sandwich lunch, make sure you allow yourself to rest and digest for at least 2 hours before you decide to go for a swim. Please don’t let sandwich be a reason they box you up much sooner than usual.


Rescuing Is Our Duty

Unfortunately my friends (hello by the way) we are all in this world for ourselves. It’s all “me!” We don’t give a s***t about other people and not even people that are in such desperate situations. I am not going to start a social discussion on what can be done for people in less fortunate situations. However, we can all agree that people that are drowning in the water, need our attention and support.

The same way you would rush into someone’s life who is doing drugs, to get them out of that mess, the same way you should decide to try and rescue people in drowning situations. I know that most of you reading right now, are people that have day jobs, families and even pets. So I am not exactly expecting you to start going out in your boat, looking for people to help that may be drowning. What I am suggesting however, is that you do give some attention to other people willing to handle these things. If anything from the 2008-2009 crisis taught us, that would be that money is not something we can expect as certain. Many times we may end up being short on paying our bills and things like that. I do believe though there are some months that you do have something left in that old dusty wallet. If you feel like financial support will only help so much and won’t allow people to do good things (because people tend to be dishonest) then come join us! We will never complain of having too much staff – on the contrary. It’s not exactly that we are super successful on everything that is being done, by we try our best to keep growing the message to even more people. Really, similar to a wave Green Peace created for the whole world.


Welcome to the world of volunteers!

We would like to take this chance here in Ireland, to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this launching phase. We have all been working hard to make sure we get something done online in regards to our philanthropic nature and activities, so that the rest of the world can see and get initiative to act in such a way even in their own towns and countries.

I will save all the long phrases and statement for another time. All I would like to say to everyone from behalf of Bantry Life Boat is a great big thank you for making this dream a reality!

We will soon be briefing you all about the reason of our existence, what we do etc.

Thank you!