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Rescuing Is Our Duty

Unfortunately my friends (hello by the way) we are all in this world for ourselves. It’s all “me!” We don’t give a s***t about other people and not even people that are in such desperate situations. I am not going to start a social discussion on what can be done for people in less fortunate situations. However, we can all agree that people that are drowning in the water, need our attention and support.

The same way you would rush into someone’s life who is doing drugs, to get them out of that mess, the same way you should decide to try and rescue people in drowning situations. I know that most of you reading right now, are people that have day jobs, families and even pets. So I am not exactly expecting you to start going out in your boat, looking for people to help that may be drowning. What I am suggesting however, is that you do give some attention to other people willing to handle these things. If anything from the 2008-2009 crisis taught us, that would be that money is not something we can expect as certain. Many times we may end up being short on paying our bills and things like that. I do believe though there are some months that you do have something left in that old dusty wallet. If you feel like financial support will only help so much and won’t allow people to do good things (because people tend to be dishonest) then come join us! We will never complain of having too much staff – on the contrary. It’s not exactly that we are super successful on everything that is being done, by we try our best to keep growing the message to even more people. Really, similar to a wave Green Peace created for the whole world.

So rescuing other people that are in a bad situation is our dear duty. If people took care of everybody else then we really would not have any major issues around us. If you save today the life of a 16 year old struggling in the ocean, his father may come and save you when you have an issue. It’s scratching each other’s back (that type of thing) making sure everything you will do will benefit people around you. And who knows? There may come a time when you need the help of others. Giving a hand to people in need will always pay back one way or another. But even if it doesn’t, just the feeling of social contribution is priceless.

I am not asking you all to go out on the streets and start protesting for the lost lives in ocean accidents (like to many people do.) It just won’t get you anywhere. What I am asking you though to do, is to make sure you do the best you can, in the community you are in. If you are living on the beach or near a river, take a peek out the window once in a while and inspect what’s happening. If you are in a housing community that again sits near the water, you could even raise money to pay for a professional rescuer. This will save you and your family members from any incidents. Not only that, but when it comes to lakes and ponds, many times (especially in the south) you may be facing alligator problems. So you may want to get a more advanced rescue team that is always overseeing the situation so that no one is a victim of alligator attack or drowning. You can make a huge difference in your local communities and believe me: when you teach this to your children you can bet that 50 years down the road, you will have a society with much more considerate and loving people.

Because taking care of these incidents ins’t just something that will take care of that only. When you learn and teach people to act in this way, they become a lot more considerate in other aspects of their lives (like helping people that are in bad financial situations.) So you will be building a lot of character for a whole generation of people. If we can leave this earth a little bit better than what it was when we came into it, that is success. 

Thank you for putting up with my activist – type article. I think it is critically important to make sure our future is secured and we all live together in harmony and happiness.

Have a great weekend!