Bantry Life Boat

A Search & Rescue Not For Profit Institution

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We are very philanthropic, not profiting a single dime for ourselves and in fact, we don’t even like asking for donations. What we will say is that every single message you send out to us makes a real difference. You don’t need to donate to us in order to save lives. Just the fact that you are here, makes all the difference in the world.¬†

Because in today’s age, it is more important to get the message spread to as many people as possible, than asking for just a handful of them for donations. If people are sensitive about these issues and make sure their local people are being taken care of while at sea, then our whole mission is a success.

So we urge you to reach out to us either by e-mail or by commenting under one of our blogs, to discuss further your concerns, ideas and feedback. Thank you so much, and we hope you are getting daily content that is of high quality.

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