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Dangers In Waters

In the latest article, I briefly mentioned a danger in regards to the existence of Naegleria fowleri in lakes and ponds. Using that as a starting point, I would like to talk a little bit more not only about this but also some other dangers you should be aware of when it comes to lakes.

When it comes to this brain eating bacteria, you need to understand that finally nature is going to have its own saying in what is happening. These living creatures feed from the brains of fish. If you have ever seen fish float in the top of the surface but there doesn’t appear to be some reason of death (like an attack of some sort) rest assured it’s that bacteria. They won’t just eat fish but also smaller sea animals. So basically you are the intruder in their own environment when you decide to risk jumping into that water. Many times, these lakes (around populous areas) will have signs that will warn you of their existence. If you happen to be though somewhere on the country side and you don’t have an idea with the lake/pond and its condition, my suggestion towards you would be that you stay away. Why risk dying for one swim? You don’t risk cheating on your wife because of the possibility to throw you out.

Aside of this bacteria, there are so many other dangers in those lake waters. The very common one are those good friends called: crocodiles or alligators. They aren’t really used to yummy meals with great tender meat. So when you come along, you are just asking for it. It is actually interesting, because most people don’t die from the actual crocodile bite, but rather their poisonous teeth. Because of all the crap these animals eat, their teeth aren’t exactly the healthiest – so they develop their own bacteria. When an alligator stuffs his face into your flesh, besides taking a nice chunk out of you, he/she (love the gender specification) will leave that area of your body infected.

So then the big problem, is not only stopping your bleeding, or trying to “install new meat” back in to you but to actually protect you from an infection that can cost you your own life. So always be aware of any signs for alligators: both regular sings and alligator signals. I mean, if you see and alligator just run as fast as you can. Wherever you see some weedy water (water that has a lot of green in it) those are usually very dangerous areas for anyone to want to go near. The alligators will often appear as a stick floating in the water. That is the way they fool you to get close to them, and then get a chance to bite of your arm or even worse: drag you into the water and eat you as a whole.

Other dangerous animals that can be a problem for you, would be piranhas. I was watching a video yesterday of one young boy that unfortunately fell into a small pond infested with piranhas. It was at some south american country and his family members were only able to recover his skeleton. There is actually a very strong video showing you the reaction of everyone around, as they start bagging him. I will not share it with you, because quite frankly,  it’s a very hard video to watch. The bad thing when it comes to piranhas is that you can’t really do anything as a volunteer or rescue person. If you happen to fall into those waters and one gets a bite off of you, then the rest of them will come eat you up and you have no chance.

So hopefully this article has given you some insight and tips to avoid putting yourself in a position you and your family will regret.

Here is a very interesting video you may enjoy. Come back later today for more.