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The Effects Of Volunteer Work

In the first ever published article on this great site, I mentioned briefly the importance of volunteering and how we doing this for our local communities are volunteers ourselves. Many times we think of volunteer work, as a great hassle: something that needs to get done but isn’t really that pleasing. Today I want to come towards you with a completely different approach, and talk about the effects volunteer work have not just for your community but also for your family.

Let me start off by saying, that our lives need to have some purpose in order for us to feel good with ourselves. Many people will decide to join special support groups or help disadvantaged children in Africa to fill that gap of purpose. What we many times forget is our importance of helping our own community first. If you think of all the efforts done in Africa (and are still taking place as we speak) it’s amazing that the problem still hasn’t be solved. If all of those efforts and resources were put into the hands of accountable people to take care of our own people in the US (like the orphanages, or the inner cities) we could of re-built our cities twice. The problem with people is that they feel as if the further away they go, the more their work matters.

But anyway, I won’t get into that debate. We can all agree that our lives need to have meaning in order to have a healthy mindset. So I just wanted to share with you in this short article I’m typing, the benefits on your own health and mental state. Research suggests that out of nature, we are caring and giving human beings. Yes, you will see a lot of injustice in the world, but if you look deep down into a human’s soul you will see a soft person with kindness. When we do good, it is really to feed our inner innocence. When we give, we feel much better about our selves and have a feeling of contribution. Many times people tend to volunteer just for their own mental sake. It shouldn’t be the focus, but hey…if that will help someone in need let it be that.

The truth is, volunteering can help you meet brand new people you otherwise would of never met (and you may develop friendships.) Also it helps reduce your stress levels and even boost your happiness. When you see someone smiling and that is because of something you did, it’s just magical. So imagine what happens when you decide to join a volunteer group that saves people’s lives. In our case, we aren’t just helping some people get a few extra pounds on them, or find shelter (all important.) We are helping them breath so they can then get food and shelter. It’s essential to not only help people that have problems swimming, but to also educate them. If they can learn to protect themselves and their families, then our jobs get much easier. And although our plan isn’t to let other people do the work for us (we aren’t that lazy) it does help if people have a good conscious about being responsible in their communities. If you need to keep jumping in the water to save everyone’s tail, that can be much harder than helping people understand how to do that themselves and even avoid getting in such a situation. 

Volunteering can also help with your self confidence. We all have some kind of insecurity within us that we are trying to get rid of. Volunteering will help you keep your stance and be proud about yourself. When you see the results and the impact of your hard labor upon others, it will just open your eyes. You don’t need to join a volunteer group or wait for anyone else to get off their fat behinds to start helping out other people. You can do this individually, and to be honest: if you are waiting for all starts to line up together, you will keep on waiting. Take initiative and make a difference today! Sooner than you’ll know it, you will find yourself in a big black box. So don’t let time tick by without doing something worthy yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this little inspirational post. My intention isn’t to get you all out there to volunteer…or maybe it is. The point is, it’s up to you to get up and start doing the right thing. Hopefully I can give you some extra good reasons to want to contribute to society.

Upcoming articles will include some more interesting topics of discussion, plus a very special donation made by a US business that we are going to talk about. Stay tuned!