Bantry Life Boat

A Search & Rescue Not For Profit Institution

Shootout To A Limo Company For Contribution

With this article, I really want to take the initiative to publicly thank one of our biggest sponsors to date, with our efforts to creating a much safer community locally. As we’ve mentioned before the whole purpose of this site is to get some people to become active in their own circles to start doing some volunteer work in regards to rescue teams. It was also mentioned across this blog, that whoever doesn’t have the time or the energy to go out and do this themselves, they can feel free to send donations which will serve that purpose of people that have all the time and energy in the world, but need the resources to get this volunteer work done.

A very good connection we have had with a US company and the launch of this site, was the reason we got a very handsome disclosed amount from ​Limo Rental Columbia who reached out to us via e-mail and asked us about our needs. As soon as we outlined specifically certain expenses we would have this month, they didn’t hesitate a second into making their financial contribution. When asked what could we do for them in return their response was “just take care of your community and don’t worry about the rest.”

How strong is that? Publicly I want to thank this incredible limousine company that is located out in Columbia, South Carolina. If you guys ever need a luxury ride, you know where to find the most generous company. Thank you so much to you all once again!

This shootout gives me an opportunity to discuss the real needs of our philanthropic institution: within the next couple of months, we will be purchasing some very advanced gear and boat equipment to make sure that we are always getting on time at the place of the incident and are able to carry on with the project with success. So we could really need all the money we could use in this. We are putting up our own money for this as well and have done some fundraising events to raise more. Note that this is tax deductible and especially when you make an overseas donation, that gives you some extra tax credit points (consult your CPA.) So the benefits are multiple, but of course your intentions for this should be purely those of a volunteer that simply doesn’t have the time to go out and do this himself.

Obviously in this article, we are not asking for money. We don’t even want as many contributions from overseas people, since it’s the responsibility of our people to care about this philanthropic organization. What I am trying to do with this post, is to motivate you to go out in your own communities and own little philanthropic institutions and support them with everything you got: if that is man power, then so be it. If that is funds, I am sure they could use them. If they need more skilled leadership, talk with the board and see if you can advice them on certain matters. Just don’t stay passive is all I’m saying. There are so many people that can use our help everyday, and we need to go out and give a helping hand to someone that is in desperate need of it. Saving a person’s like isn’t a luxury or a welfare program but rather a basic human right. The same way that remarkable limo company was able to scrap up together a few hundred bucks to help us out, I am sure at the end of this month, you should be able to collect some amounts. Don’t wait for that one big month when all the cash comes floating in. Make small contributions but consistent contributions. More people need you, than you could ever imagine.There is a huge lack of money right now in the philanthropic world, which makes sense because of all the crisis time frames the countries are going through. But instead of buying that extra case of beer,  just think of someone who is desperately swimming in the water, and is praying for that life boat to arrive to them and save them.

If you can live on with your life without feeling any guilt about so many people that are dying every day in the waters (whether that be oceans, lakes or rivers) then do so. I know that it’s not only humanistic about also a responsibility to watch out for our more vulnerable people. Think about these words and do the right thing. 

I look forward to seeing you in upcoming posts!